TikTok filters for festivals


Let’s start out by telling you we LOVE festivals! It’s great that we can kick-off this blog with a common interest. Having said that, you’re probably wondering what TikTok filters can do for your festival or event. The answer is simple: tons! At one point you go through your TikTok feed, a daily routine we’re all too familiar with, and suddenly one of the videos stands out. “What is that? An AR filter? It’s glorious. This is perfect!”

You immediately go on a search engine frenzy and we happened to pop up. What a coincidence. Filters are our life. And while you’re here, let us be your guide in the jungle that is TikTok Filters for your festival or event.

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What are TikTok AR filters?

First of all, it might be good for us to tell you something about filters, TikTok filters in particular. After the massive hype caused by Snapchat, and Instagram quickly after that, TikTok has also launched custom filters for their platform. AR filters can be used in TikTok videos, to enhance content for you as an artist, or like most people: for fun.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from colour corrections to being placed directly at your festival where you dance right next to one of the headliners.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality, AR for short, is the popular term for blending reality with technology. Certainly not to be mistaken with Virtual Reality (VR) where you get completely submerged in another world, mostly through the use of special VR glasses. “AR allows objects that reside in the real world to be enhanced by computer generated perceptual information.” Wow, slow down. perceptual what now? We’ll simplify it for you, using the filters as an example.

You probably know the Snapchat filter that gives you puppy-dog ears, right? Well, your face and your surroundings, picked up by your phone’s camera, are a reflection of reality. Nothing has changed there, it’s still you on the screen. It’s only when the ears pop up on your face that reality blends with virtual technology. That’s AR in a nutshell for ya.


Why should I use TikTok AR filters?

There are actually many reasons why it is an excellent idea to strengthen your festival or event with a filter. Let us elaborate below:

  • An excitingly different way to engage with visitors
  • Filters are highly likeable and shareable (go viral!)
  • When done correctly, it can turn your visitors/followers into fans
  • Filters are organic, which means no ad spend(!) 
  • Still relatively unknown to many festivals and events
  • Fully customizable to your liking and branding
  • Filters are popular amongst influencers
How do I create a TikTok AR filter?

TikTok uses specific software in order to create and upload filters, called ‘Effector’. It allows you to start from scratch and roam free in the world of filters, within the borders of their software of course. Unfortunately, it is currently not available in every country. When the filter is done you can upload it directly and pray to the heavens it gets accepted. This might take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks, depending on numerous factors. Need help? We got you!

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What are the costs of a TikTok AR filter?

As we said before, since TikTok filters are organic there is no ad-spend necessary for your AR filter (not saying you can’t or shouldn’t though). Furthermore there are exactly 0 costs to Facebook or Instagram for uploading and using your filter. Even if you want us to design and upload a filter for you, costs can be as low as €50. That’s why we strongly believe in using filters for your festival or event!

Got something for us to play with?

We love working on all kinds of filters for TikTok. Designing, testing, animating, testing again, we love it. And when we say working, we mean having fun! Do you have a cool idea for a festival AR filter, or would you like us to come up with something? Reach out, we’re here to help!