Search and save Instagram or Snapchat filters


Don’t you just hate it when you see one of your friends or that influencer you like using a filter that would look perfect on you, but you simply have no idea how to use it yourself? And when you finally found it, how on earth will you save it for another time? True, it can be tricky when you don’t know how it works, but once you learn, you’ll never un-forget it. Anyways, both Instagram and Snapchat allow you to find and save filters (Snapchat calls them ‘Lenses’ and Instagram calls them ‘Effects’) you like. Let’s break it down one by one below.

Search for Instagram filters (Effects)

First up we’re going to explain how you can look for Instagram filters on Instagram. Just in case you want to know what else is out there instead of the same filter your fav influencers always uses. And you should want to know, because there might be over a million(!) filters to choose from!

1. Open Instagram
This one is easy. We’re taking it nice and slow. Find the Instagram icon and press it firmly to fire that baby up.

2. Open up the Instagram camera
Swipe right or press the camera icon in the top-left corner to open up the Instagram camera. Now here is where the fun begins.

3. You have two choices
Okay as you have probably already seen by now, icons have automatically started popping up to the right side of the big white circular button at the bottom, which is used to take those glorious selfies. Swipe all the way to the right until you come across an icon with a magnifying glass with the text below ‘Browse through effects’. Press that button and it transports you immediately to the ‘Effect gallery’. Woah, you’ve found the holy grail! Browse through the countless popular filters, look through different categories or use the search bar.

“You said I have two choices.” That’s right! The second one is even easier, but a little more hidden. Go back to the camera and swipe towards one of the filter icons that you just passed. Every one of them will do fine (even the first one). Below it you will see the filter’s name and the name of the creator. Press that and a little popup will appear, including the ‘Browse through effects’ icon! It’s truly that simple.

Save Instagram filters

While you’re in that popup, you’ll see the ‘Save effect’ at the left side, waiting for you to tap it. Your favourite filters will now appear on the left side of the large photo button in your camera (you might have to reopen the camera for it to take effect). Always there when you need ’em.

But wait, there is another way! Remember that friend or influencer you like who always uses a nice filter? Look if they have posted a story recently and see if they’re using it again. If not, wait a little or check out someone else who does. If so, look at the top-left corner. Right below their name you will see the name of the filter and its creator. Tap that to open the same popup as when you would open the camera yourself. It also features the ‘save’ and ‘browse’ icons. Easy!

Search for Snapchat filters (Lenses)

Next up we’ll tell you how to find filters on Snapchat. It’s even easier!

1. Open Snapchat
Just like at Instagram, browse through your apps until you find that spooky friend and tap it!

2. Tap the screen
There’s actually no more need to clarify this one.

3. Tap ‘Discover’
On the bottom right corner you’ll see an icon with ‘Discover’. Simply tap it to open up the Lens library where you can look and find every filter out there.

Save Snapchat filters

Found one you like? Open it up and tap ‘Favourite’ at the bottom. Now your favourites will appear in the Lens library you just visited, right at the top. Never to be lost ever again!

Got something for us to play with?

We love working on all kinds of filters for Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. Designing, testing, animating, testing again, we love it. And when we say working, we mean having fun! Do you have a cool idea for an AR filter, or would you like us to come up with something? Reach out, we’re here to help!