10 reasons to get a branded Instagram filter


Hi there, it seems we’ve peaked your interest for AR. GOOD! There are countless reasons why augmented reality is a great tool for your brand’s social strategy, but since we don’t want to keep you reading for too long, we picked the 10 most important ones. Ready to dive into the world of Instagram filters with us? Educate yourself below or contact us immediately if you already know how delicious AR can be for your brand!

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1. An exciting way to trigger engagement with your audience

That’s right. In the current social ocean of puppies, challenges and quotes it can feel suffocating to try and find refreshing content for a change. We know exactly how you feel. Instagram filters are new, hip, cool and most of all… FUN! People love fun and are happy to share a bit of fun with their friends. Do you know what moves your audience? It’s the key to a successful AR campaign.

2. Filters are incredibly likeable (go viral!)

Instagram filters have a high change to go viral, since millions of people use them on a daily basis. For some, they are an integrated part of their story-strategy. And we’re not talking about brands here. You’d be surprised how many people love to spice up their stories with a specific filter. Some can reach millions of views in a matter of weeks. How’s that for brand awareness?

3. Turn your audience into fans

People love a brand that they can relate to. And if you know what moves your audience, then combining that with AR is FIRE! And don’t think filters are just for fashion and festivals. Any brand can benefit from a powerful Instagram filter campaign. Slide in our DM and we’ll help to get you there!

4. Fully customizable to your liking

Whatever colour, shape or action you have in mind. If you can think it, we can create it. And don’t worry if you’re having trouble thinking of something awesome. That’s what we love best! But seriously, the possibilities of augmented reality are endless. From colour filters, to animated GIF stickers, thematized surroundings, masks or an entirely different room to explore.

5. Instagram filters are organic

Do you know what that means? Exactly, no ad-spend! Of course you can set up a paid campaign around your Instagram filter, but the power of social AR is caused by users sharing them amongst their friends and followers. Once it gets picked up and gains momentum, who knows what might happen. World domination? It might, it just might.

Ready for AR? Contact us!

6. Instagram filters are popular amongst influencers

That brings us to our next reason: influencers. More and more influencers have their own filters, because once they use them, they’re everywhere! Why? Well, whenever you use a filter in your story, the story shows the name and creator of said filter underneath the user’s profile name, in the top-right corner. All followers need to do is click on it and they can use and save the filter themselves. It’s easy as that. And the beauty of true influencers? People like what the influencer likes and want to use what they use. It’s free advertising!

7. Still relatively unknown to brands and businesses

Even though more and more brands are jumping on the filter wagon at the moment, it’s not too late for you to do the same. In fact, many brands are still unaware of AR’s crazy mobile possibilities. Make a difference and show your audience and competition that you’re top-of-game!

8. Filters are not limited to Instagram

Even though we strongly believe in the value of Instagram filters, there are many more social platforms that offer them. Snapchat, TikTok and even Facebook offer AR filter possibilities. So wherever your audience is, we’ll know how to reach them!

9. No app required!

Back in the days when you wanted to use augmented reality, you had to develop a special app in order to launch it. Nowadays, since the implementation of many social platforms, you don’t need one anymore. All you need to do is click a link, scan a code or search for them within the platform where you can even save them to use at a later time. Easy as that.

10. Instagram filters don’t have to be expensive

Depending on your wishes, there is no need for giant budgets. Some filters are easier to create than you might think, making them perfect for smaller budgets. At spacular, we love working on all kinds of filters. Designing, testing, animating, testing again, we love it. And when we say working, we mean having fun! Do you have a cool idea for a branded AR filter, or would you like us to come up with something? Reach out, we’re here to help!